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Welcome to the January/February '08 edition of my newsletter!

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I started out the year by competing in the 6th annual freefly money meet in Arizona. Many talented flyers from all over the country appeared, making for an exiting competition. Amy Chmelecki, of Arizona arsenal, organized the event. It was a great meet. A close race unfolded between myself and Ty Losey, another member of arsenal. At the end of the competition we were at a tie. Judges ruling was in Ty's favor, for he had the highest scoring round.

Freefly Money Meet 2008. Photo by Niklas Daniel.

Just a week and a half after the freefly money meet, I returned to Arizona for the Valentines 4-way meet. Fury took second place. Arizona Arsenal took the podium with Steve Curtis coming in first, Amy second and Ty for third. Congratulations Arsenal, YOU GUYS ROCK!

On March 8th I took part in my first CPC swoop meet, here at Perris Valley. The event was organized by Bundy Tailor. It was a lot of fun. At the end of the meet I came in 5th place (with my Sabre 2 107). Distance: 265.5ft. / Speed: 3.4sec. / Accuracy: 80 points.

(click here to see what PD had to say about it).

Sabre 2 Freestyle

Here is a quick clip of a superman I did on the same canopy (Sabre 2 107) I used for the swoop competition.


New Sponsor

I would like to welcome Larsen & Brusgaard  ( as my newest sponsor.

My new Viso and Pro-Track are working great and are a welcome addition to my gear. Please visit their website and take a look at all their great products.

I would also like to thank all my 2007 sponsors for their continued support.

Past Events

NSL Championships

Fury traveled to DeLand for the NSL Championships with three player-coach teams. Kurt Gable was very accommodating and allowed me to film all three teams back to back. The three day event was met with some unfriendly weather. However, the teams stayed positive, celebrating DeLand's 25th anniversary on Saturday night and were able to make 3 jumps on Sunday morning.

Congratulations to Perris Jimani for their first place finish!

A Different Kind of Elective

Upcoming events

3/15/2008:   Shamrock 4-way competition in DeLand Florida.
4/12/2008:   SCSL at Elsinore (CA)

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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