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Welcome to the February/March '08 edition of my newsletter!

My intention is to keep you informed of happenings and upcoming events. If you want your e-mail address removed from the mailing list, simply reply to any of my e-mails and enter "remove" in the subject.


Fury8 is a project where each member of Perris Fury organizes an 8-way team to compete at the U.S. Nationals. So needless to say, there is a lot of video and pictures to be shot. On the right is a picture of Josh Hall's team completing the formation "Venus". Each 8-way team has their own set of unique goals and purposes ranging from learning, fun, and competition.

The Fury8 project keeps getting bigger and better as former participants realize how this project takes the stress out of planning and running a team. The pre-planned schedule, easy budgeting, and Fury captainship, allow the participants to concentrate on learning and having fun.

The project is so successful in fact that Fury has hired two additional coaches this year to support two more teams. The coaches are Brianne Thompson (member of Fastrax Blue) and Scott Latinis (former member of Dallas Thunder).

Fury8 8-way team, U.S. Nationals 2008. Niklas Daniel, Freefly Coaching, Formation Skydiving.

New Sponsor

I would like to welcome Vigil
(www.vigil.aero) as my newest sponsor. The peace of mind that comes with jumping a superior AAD is crucial for peak performance. Please visit their website and take a look at all their great products.

Past Events

In mid-March Perris Fury went to DeLand Florida to compete in the annual Shamrock Showdown. Twenty-seven teams from ten different nations attended, giving the FSL the atmosphere of a first-class world meet. originally I was going to film Perris Fury and Fastrax Blue, but due to the conflicting schedule of two different aircrafts (otter and porter) I was not able to compete with Blue. After talking to Shannon and Gary of DeLand Groove, I was back up to filming two teams.

During the meet I experienced some technical difficulties that cost Fury some points. Parts of the formations were not in frame, and the judges had to deduct points for the non-judgeable portions of the jump. However, my bad luck in Round 3 turned out to be beneficial for the first round of the Skins Game. The low score for Round 3 reduced the average after the first three rounds and increased the team's handicap for the first round for the money. Jump Shack sponsored Round 4 with $200 cash, and Perris Fury won the first skin of the competition after handicap. Due to weather and travel schedule I was only able to complete six rounds with both teams.

Upcoming events

4/26/2008:   Javelin Day at Perris Valley (CA)
4/27/2008 – 5/6/2008:   Storm 8-way Project at Perris Valley (CA)

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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