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Welcome to the May/June '08 edition of my newsletter!

My intention is to keep you informed of happenings and upcoming events.
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Past Events

100 way

Me holding on to David "Clem" Major's pilot chute

The Perris drop zone was buzzing with activity once again, this time with back-to-back 100 ways! The successful event was organized by big names such as Dan BC, Kate Cooper, Tony Dominico, and Doug Forth.

Both 100 ways managed to complete their formations on the final day of the camp. Videographers for the 100 ways included Karen Lewis and David "Clem" Major, (who love to play around under canopy, by the way).

If you would like to see more pictures of the event, check out my online store.


Kelly and Dave


Congratulations to Kelly and Dave!
On May 6th Kelly Middleton and Dave Span tied the knot at Canyon Lake. Best wishes and congratulations.

Fury's training schedule has been drastically reduced, due to the fact that Chris Farina, inside center, suffered a back injury. The team will continue to train with temporary replacements over the next few months.

Chris's injuries included: compression fractures at T10, T11, L1 & L2 and a burst fracture at T12. He was in the brace for 6 weeks and made his first skydive at the 11.5 week mark from the accident.


Kelley Frederickson

My heart goes out to the members of Fastrax Blue. The team suffered a tremendous loss when their friend and teammate, Kelley Frederickson, passed away on May 20th. I wish the team all the best during this trying time.



Upcoming events

5/31/2008:   SCSL at Perris Valley (CA)
6/4/2008 – 6/18/2008:   Fury Training at Perris Valley (CA)
6/19/2008 – 6/24/2008:   Paraclete Competition at Reiford (NC)
7/10/2008 – 7/13/2008:   Fury 8-ways at Perris Valley (CA)

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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