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Welcome to the June/July '08 edition of my newsletter!

My intention is to keep you informed of happenings and upcoming events.
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Fastrax Blue training in the North Carolina Tunnel.

Brianne Thompson, 4-way training in the XP tunnel with her rig on.

Fastrax Blue just completed a 3 hour tunnel training camp in Raeford, North Carolina. With the help of rig-covers, Blue was able to train with all their skydiving gear in the tunnel, making for a much more challenging camp. The XP tunnel is 16ft. wide, leaving plenty of space for me to hop in with the team and take some pictures. (This camp was also featured on the PD Blog).

Past Events


Perris Fury traveled to Raeford, North Carolina, to participate in the Paraclete money meet.

The competition was made up of a 10 round sky, and a 10 round tunnel meet.

Thomas Hughes filled in for Chris Farina (inside center).

Fury took 3rd in the sky portion with a 22.6 average. The meet came to an exiting end. Perris Fury and the Golden Knights tied for second place in the 10th round. After an 11th round "jump-off", Fury took 2nd with a 29.6 average!

For more info, log on to the NSL website.

Perris hosted a SCSL meet on 5/31/08. Perris 4-Shock, a local team that is being coached by Chris Farina, took 3rd with a 10 point average in the AAA division. Nice Job Guys!!!

For more info, log on to the NSL website.


The Perris drop zone decided to spice up the appearance of their team rooms by applying a building wrap. It consists of many different skydiving pictures, which show off the local jumpers and their equipment.


I'd like to thank Craig OB for doing a fun jump with me a couple of weeks ago.

Go to the PD Blog and check out what happened.

Me exiting an Otter over Perris.

Rick "Shindig" Schindler


On Saturday, 6/21/08, Rick "Shindig" Schindler passed away at Skydive Elsinore.

Shindig was a 39 year old Marine Corps veteran, who worked part time at Skydive Elsinore as an AFF instructor, Tandem Master, and videographer.

He was also a sheriff's deputy, stationed at the Southwest Detention Center in French Valley.

Shindig was a very experienced jumper and extremely current.

Shindig learned how to jump in Fort Bragg, N.C.

Fifteen years later he had accumulated several thousand jumps.

A resident of Lake Elsinore, Shindig shot video as a member of various skydiving teams.

He also shot video for Elsinore Matrix and Elsinore Select, the U.S. women's team in 2006.

For a man who loved skydiving, he hated flying. He included this statement in his biography: "I don't feel safe until I jump out of the damn thing and I only have 1 life left of my nine."


Rick "Shindig" Schindler

Shindig's ashes being released over Elsinore with his wife Set in tandem.

Rick Schindler Memorial 1

Rick Schindler Memorial 2

Upcoming events

7/5/2008 – 7/9/2008:   Fastrax Blue Training camp at Perris Valley (CA)
7/10/2008 – 7/13/2008:   Fury 8-ways at Perris Valley (CA)
7/24/2008 – 7/28/2008:   Fastrax Blue Training camp at Perris Valley (CA)

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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