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Welcome to the August/September '08 WORLD MEET EDITION of my newsletter!

My intention is to keep you informed of happenings and upcoming events.
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WORLD MEET 2008 in Maubeuge, France

Every two years, some of the best skydivers in the world converge on one spot to compete for the title of World Champion in their discipline.

This time, the FAI World Skydiving Championships were held in the little town of Maubeuge. It is located at the northern corner of France, near the Belgium border.

Watch a documentary of the 2008 Skydiving World Chamionships here or by clicking on the image.





Fastrax Blue (USA Women's Team) and I arrived in France one week before the start of the competition to get in some training jumps and get adjusted to the time difference.



The weather in Maubeuge was not exactly ideal for jumping. There were continuous spurts of rain and strong winds. As it turns out, a tornado had touched down in the area just a couple of days before we arrived. It severely damaged most of the city's buildings and uprooted many trees.




The opening ceremony for the competition began in the city's center. It appeared as though the entire town was there to watch and cheer for the athletes. After a brief speech by the meet director, all the competing nations were lined up and escorted by police through the town. As we paraded through the streets, locals were cheering for us from the sidewalks and their balconies.

The weather looked a little bit more promising at the beginning of the competition, only to worsen one day later.

The Spanish women's 4-way team decided not to jump after the winds started to increase, causing the meet director to ground the entire women's division.

Many of the open teams who had females on them were allowed to keep jumping, thus resulting in more rounds being completed in the open class.

In the end it was a close race between Fastrax Blue and the UK Women's Team, Bedford Storm. The two teams share a friendly rivalry, having trained next to each other at Perris for the last two years.




Blue had many obstacles to overcome this past season.

The loss of a teammate and friend, Kelly Frederickson, and the financial hardships that resulted from it.

Christy Frikken from Perris Fury did a great job filling in. Having to re-learn exits from a right hand door proved a bit tricky at first, but the team worked hard and overcame. Making up for lost time was a major set back for Blue.

Here are rounds one thru six of the competition on video (left) and score sheet:


For more information you can log on to the official world meet website and the the NSL website.

And for more pictures of the event, you can visit the PD Blog:   Part 1   .   Part 2   .   Part 3 

After the last round was complete, Kolla and Al of Performance Designs brought the team an expensive bottle of champagne to celebrate. Thank you guys for being so supportive!

We'd like to thank all our sponsors for their effort and support in making this season a great success.



Chris Farina returns!

After four months of not training, Chris Farina is back in the air!

In May Chris fractured 5 vertebrae on landing ( see newsletter and the NSL website).

Perris Fury will be training hard throughout September to prepare for the U.S. Nationals in October (also see the NSL website).




Chris is sporting his orange jumpsuit because he destroyed his black one on impact.


Fury 8-ways Perris.

Fury recently hosted a tunnel camp in North Carolina's tunnel, Paraclete XP.

The camp included participants from the very successful Perris Fury8 project, and others as well.

Back in Perris, Josh Hall's 8-way team (which I shoot video for) cranked out 34 jumps in three days.
The team is looking very strong and is ready to compete at this year's nationals.


Past Events

At the end of July I coached an Italian freefly team named Jannizzeri.

It's members are comprised of Alessandro Melchionda and Luca Montagnese, who's goals are to become national champions back home.

The team came out to Perris to complete three full days of coached jumping and four hours of tunnel time. Here are some highlights of their last training camp.


Upcoming events

9/11/2008 – 9/14/2208:   Big Way camp at Perris Valley (CA)
9/13/2008:   Perris SCSL (Fury competing) (CA)
10/19/2008 – 10/25/2008:   U.S. Nationals in Eloy (AZ)

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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