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Welcome to the September / October '08 edition of my newsletter!

My intention is to keep you informed of happenings and upcoming events.
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Perris Fury is preparing for the USPA Nationals and
"The Gauntlet"
tunnel competition that will be held
in Eloy, AZ. 


I will be competing at The Gauntlet as well, more
specifically in 2-way VRW with Bryan Harrell.

Fury launching a 10 out the door

Thank You!

New canopy from Performance Designs

I'd like to thank
Sun Path and
Performance Designs

for their support.


Both have supplied me
with new gear to jump at
the USPA Nationals.


You guys are the best!

New rig from Sun Path

Past Events

Perris Performance Plus Big-Way Camp and 100-Ways


On Sept. 11-14, Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, Kate Cooper-Jensen, Tony Domenico and Larry Henderson led a large group of jumpers through a four-day camp structured to enhance and improve big way skills.

Participants learned and applied techniques of diving, floating and base work in this 4-day, 18 jump camp.

Campers received training on exit techniques from both right and left trail aircraft, tracking tips, canopy control in large groups, and just about anything else they might have had questions on when it came to 100+ formations.






Quite a few camp participants are repeat attendees (even current World Record Holders attend) as they find new ways to challenge themselves and learn each time they join the camp.

The following week, Sept. 18-21, the same set of organizers hosted an event giving participants an opportunity to be a part of two groups, one 100-way and one 60-way.

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The proven model that the organizers used allowed smaller formations, 20 - 40 ways, to duplicate all the jobs, visuals, and responsibilities of a 100+ way formation.

It was a "no fault" approach to teaching where campers were encouraged to push their limits while learning.

Any person aspiring to hold a world record in large formation skydiving, who would like to be on their first 100 way, or who already has experienced the above but wants to brush up on their skills should attend this camp.





Upcoming events

10/11/2008 – 10/12/2008:   “The Gauntlet” Tunnel Competition in Eloy (AZ)
10/19/2008 – 10/25/2008:   U.S. Nationals in Eloy (AZ)

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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