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Welcome to the October / November '08 edition of my newsletter!

My intention is to keep you informed of happenings and upcoming events.
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2008 USPA Nationals in Eloy Arizona

Furious 4-Way

This year's Nationals ended up being very exciting. Perris Fury finished the competition in 2nd place with a 21.8! It was a heated battle with the Golden Knights.






Fury was trailing the Knights by 1 point all the way up until round 10, where Fury finished strong with a 3-point lead. It was a great meet after such a difficult year.


To see all the 4-way scores, log onto the Omniskore Website




If you haven't had your fill of Nationals footage, you can go to the PD Blog and check out the following links for more cool pictures and videos of:

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5



For 8-way scores, log onto the Omniskore Website.


Perris Alpha 8-Way

Right after the 4-way celebration, the 8-way competition immediately got under way.
Josh Hall, of Perris Fury, competed with his team Perris Alpha. Perris Alpha finished 3rd in 8-way open with an impressive 11.4 avg. The team had a great competition after working hard all season.
Nice job everyone!


Fastrax Blue

Due to the fact that I was committed to filming Fury at this year’s Nationals, I was unable to jump with my other team, Fastrax Blue. Bryan Harrell filled in for video and Marie Harrell filled in for point. The team finished the competition with a 16.5 and had a great time.

Things to look forward to

Fastrax Blue Tryouts!

Blue will be holding tryouts for a fourth teammate at the beginning of December in North Carolina. For more information on the team, check out their website at www.FastraxBlue.com.

(Check out other announcements on the PD Blog)


Meeker Monday gets a face lift!

It’s the same Meeker Monday you remember … only better. After joining forces with Brianne from Fastrax Blue, Meeker Monday now features a stronger focus on free-fly and 1-on-1 FS coaching.

Groups are still welcome to share time.

Slots are limited, so call the tunnel now to reserve your time: 951-940-4290.

New Fury DVD's!

Fury is currently working of some new video projects, including a new Best Of, Block Talk, and student instructional videos. Look for Fury’s latest videos to hit shelves soon! For further information, check out their website at www.perrisfury.net.


Past Events

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet tunnel competition in Eloy Arizona is known to attract some of the best body pilots in the world, where they compete for the prestigious gauntlet and a huge cash prize. The competition lasted two days and featured 4-way FS, 4-way VFS, as well as 2-way VFS. (VFS = Vertical Formation Skydiving)

Bryan Harrell and I entered the competition without having any prior experience flying with each other. The competition was a lot of fun, as there was a huge turn out. Bryan and I came in 5th with 93 points.

Jason Peters, competitor and also the meet director for the event, placed first not just in 4-way VFS with his team AZ Arsenal, but also in 2-way VFS with Ray Kubiak. Congratulations Jason, and thank you for an awesome competition!


Perris Fury entered the competition as well, finishing strong with a 27.3 average to secure 2nd place!


Eloy Tunnel Coaching

While in Eloy, I did some free-fly tunnel coaching with Inbar Zamir. We worked predominantly on back-fly and sit-fly. She progressed at a rapid rate, and was a lot of fun to work with.



Harry's Last Jump

On 11/9/2008 Harry Leichner did his last jump over Perris Valley. Jana Wynne organized a 50-way, so all of Harry’s friends were able to accompany him. Jana was in the center of the formation, where Harry’s ashes were released.


If you’d like to receive a DVD of the ash dive, you can write me an e-mail with your contact information, and I will mail it to you directly.

Donations start at $10, with all proceeds going to Jana Wynne.

Upcoming events

12/4/2008 – 12/5/2008:   Training with Perris Furry at Perris (CA)
12/9/2008 – 12/12/2008:   Training with Perris Furry at Perris (CA)
12/27/2008 – 1/4/2009:   Holiday Boogie at Perris (CA)
1/1/2008 – 1/4/2009:   Fury Free Week at Perris (CA)

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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