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Welcome to the November / December '08 edition of my newsletter!

My intention is to keep you informed of happenings and upcoming events.
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Down Time … what is that?

Post Nationals is the time for most skydivers to rest and reflect on their season.  However, Perris is a pretty busy place, even in the winter time.

Perris Fury has already completed a four day training camp, hosted the 5th annual team building event, and planned their entire schedule for this up coming year. 

Aside from filming 4-way and tandems, I have been doing a lot of freefly tunnel coaching, both at Perris and in the iFly Hollywood tunnel. I even got the chance to work on some new freestyle maneuvers under canopy : )   [video on right by Duane Hall]


Training with Perris Fury…

Fury, experimenting with new ways to execute blocks and exits.



Perris Fury Annual Team building and 16-way Turkey meet

Perris Valley Skydiving hosted its 5th annual team-building event beginning the day after Thanksgiving and ran through Sunday.

The event has always been open to everyone, but with a focus on meeting potential teammates for the upcoming skydiving season. Perris Fury was on hand to help organize, coach and jump with groups. Participants traveled from around the country and the world in search of teammates! With good weather and a very enthusiastic group, many skydives were made.

After two days of "team-building", participants were encouraged to join 16-way teams and compete in the Turkey Meet.

Dan BC, with a very unique set of rules each year, allows teams of all levels to participate. This year's event consisted of four teams.


16-way meet featured on PD Blog


"The Turkey" featured on PD Blog


Fastrax Blue has a 4th!

Check out the NSL website for more details.

Things to look forward to

German Wind Tunnel Camp

I will be hosting a free-fly wind-tunnel camp in Bottrop, Germany!

It will start on February 27th and go thru March 1st.

Time slots will be sold at 850 Euros for one hour of coached tunnel time.

Past Events

I FLY Hollywood Tunnel Camp

Together with Brianne Thompson, I hosted a skills camp at the Hollywood wind tunnel. The main focus of the camp was to allow flyers to take advantage of RW and Freefly.



Tim Hedderich, a freeflyer from Germany, did over 6 hours of tunnel time! He has worked his way through the flight progression from belly-flying, all the way to head-down!

Upcoming events

1/1/2008 – 1/4/2009:   Fury Free Week at Perris (CA)
1/3/2009:   Freefly Scramble Meet at Perris (CA)
1/16/2009:   Training with Perris Fury (CA)
1/17/2009 – 1/20/2009:   Fury 8-way warm ups at Perris (CA)
1/21/2009 – 1/25/2009:   California State Record at Perris (CA)

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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