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Welcome to the December '08 / January '09 edition of my newsletter!

My intention is to keep you informed of happenings and upcoming events.
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I hope that everyone had a warm and healthy holiday season.
Wishing everyone the best for 2009!

Thank you!

I would like to thank all of my sponsors for their help and support during the 2008 season:


The 2009 Perris Annual Holiday Boogie

The Perris Holiday Boogie is an annual event that attracts jumpers from all over the world. Due to the perfect-all-year-round-weather in Southern California, we are able to continue jumping, even if it snows elsewhere.

During the boogie I organized many Hybrid dives with Josh Hall and Erez Yaron. The jumps were extremely successful, and a lot of fun also.


Also featured on the PD Blog




Josh Hall of Fury organized some cool 8-ways which I had the pleasure of filming.

It looked like everyone who participated had a blast!




Other cool things that happened during the boogie were the 40ish ways organized by Mark Brown. With a good dose of fun and a pinch of chaos, the 40ish ways added plenty of spice to the mix.



During the boogie, Fury thought it would be a great time to give back to the dropzone with their “Fury Free Week”. We had a good number of participants and they certainly got their money’s worth. With Fury offering everything from ground coaching to 3-on-1, all the participants had a great time and learned a lot as well.




Performance Designs' Demo Program

PD helped make the boogie complete by providing demo-canopies for any interested jumpers wanting to try their quality products.
If you haven’t done so yet, I recommend taking full advantage of this opportunity. Contact any member of Perris Fury for more information on how to jump the coolest canopies ever!

Also featured on the PD Blog


2009 Calendars!

Be sure to get a copy of the new 2009 Performance Designs and Sun Path Calendars. 

They both feature pictures of Perris Fury, which I took during training the previous year.


Things To Look Forward To …

I iFly Hollywood Tunnel Camp

Brianne Thompson of Fastrax Blue and myself will be hosting a mini wind-tunnel skills camp at the Hollywood tunnel on January 18th and 29th. The camps are geared towards belly and free-flyers of all skill levels. Time slots are still available and sold at $275 for 15 minutes at 6pm and 8pm.

Rose Bowl Demo

On January 17th I will be taking part in the 2009 Rose Bowl Demo. The demo is to promote an event titled “Welcome Home Defenders of Freedom”. The purpose is to help increase community respect for our service members returning from past and present campaigns.

(Picture of Stadium)

Here is some additional information if you are interested in attending the event:

  • Event Date: January 17th, 2009
  • Event Location: Pasadena Rose Bowl
  • Event Time: 9:00AM – 3:00PM
  • Free admission and parking / Live Entertainment



Past Events

One on One

I joined Chris Farina of Perris Fury while he was coaching a student fresh off student status.





The student made huge improvements during his time with Chris, learning everything from exit techniques to more complicated RW maneuvers. Congratulations to Sun on passing his AFF!

My Skydiving videos now on SI Vault!

Upcoming Events

1/8/2009 – 1/15/2009:   Canadian Military at Perris (CA)
1/17/2009:   Rose Bowl Demo in Pasadena (CA)
1/21/2009 – 1/25/2009:   California Big Way State Record at Perris (CA)

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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