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Welcome to the January / February '09 edition of my newsletter!

My intention is to keep you informed of happenings and upcoming events.
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California State Record (CSR)

“It never rains in southern California”…

The California State Record was off to a ruff start, as dark and thick clouds converged over Perris Valley. The 172 international jumpers were hoping to break the last State Record of 151, set during the last "jump for the cause" in 2005.

The event was organized by P3 team: Dan BC, Kate Cooper-Jensen, Tony Domenico, Larry Henderson and Tom Jenkins.

Dan BC organizing a meeting for the CSR participants in the Bomb Shelter.



Seven camera flyers made up the team to capture the record (from left to right): Niklas Daniel, Craig O’Brien, Harry Parker, Karen Lewis, Willy Boeykens, Terry Weatherford, and George Katsoulis.

Daryld Light, winner of the accuracy competition.

Since there was so tell when and if the weather was going to get better, a few jumpers took matters into their own hands and put together an accuracy competition. Jumping from 5,000ft, through light rain, and trying to land on a 3x3 mat, the competition was considered a "great success"!


On the evening of the 24th the clouds appeared to want to cooperate and allowed each 20-way wacker of the formation to get in a practice jump.

On the 25th, the skies finally “cleared” enough to make some attempts at cracking the record. Throughout the afternoon the airplanes flew in formation three times, dodging clouds. The planes made their way to 18,000 AGL and attempted to release

the jumpers, but, due to cloud cover right above the landing area, the jumpers had to endure the subzero temperatures without the satisfaction of making a jump - 2 times!


On the third attempt, the jumpers were released. Unfortunately, adrenaline was coursing a little too much and the record was not broken.


The jumpers simply did not have enough practice and too much was at stake on the final jump of the day to complete the formation. Better luck on the next attempt!

For more pictures of the CSR, please visit my online store.

Also featured on the PD Blog.

Got video?

Perris Fury is looking for a new camera flyer.

For more information on this great opportunity, please visit their website at www.perrisfury.net.

Also featured on the NSL website.




Brianne Thompson and I have combined forces to deliver the most effective and complete body-flight coaching program available.

Check out our new Sunday tunnel sessions at the Perris Wind Tunnel.

10 minutes for $160 • Flight Time starts at 6:30pm .

Add a DVD of your session for $5.

  German Tunnel Camp re-scheduled  


Due to unexpected delays in the construction of the German Wind Tunnel, the February camp will be re-scheduled for June.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Things To Look Forward To …

Lots of Tunnel  :)

iFly Hollywood Tunnel Camp

On January 29th Brianne Thompson and I hosted a skills camp at the Hollywood Tunnel. The camp was a success and more camps will be planned in the future.

Time slots are sold in 15 minute increments at $275.

Blue Tunnel Camp at Paraclete XP

Fastrax Blue and I will be hosting a Tunnel camp at the 16ft re-circulation tunnel in North Carolina.

The camp is scheduled for April 25th - 26th, and is welcoming FS flyers and Free-flyers of all skill levels.

For more information in regards to FS, please contact Fastrax Blue: info (at) fastraxblue.com.

(future camps will include August 1st–2nd and December12th–13th)

[click here or on picture for larger version of flyer]

[click here or on picture for larger version of flyer]

Winter Sucks Boogie

Starting on February 15th and going thru march 1st, come and check out the annual Perris “Winter Sucks Boogie”.

Registration is $30 and includes a winter sucks T-shirt.

Events will include: $23 lift tickets, load organizing, hybrids, 16-ways, free coaching with Dan BC, and much more.

So get away from the cold and jump with me in sunny Perris California! (Book your tunnel time now)

Past Events

Rose Bowl Demo

On January 17th, the “Golden Stars Parachute Team” performed at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. The event was put together to help increase community awareness and respect for our service members returning from past and present campaigns.


Upcoming Events

1/28/2009 – 2/5/2009:   Filming the Danish 4-way Team at Perris (CA)
2/14/2009 – 3/1/2009:   Winter Sucks Boogie at Perris (CA)
2/14/2009 – 2/15/2009:   Valentines 4-way meet in Eloy (AZ)
2/21/2009 – 2/22/2009:   Valentines Freefly Scrambles meet in Eloy (AZ)

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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