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Welcome to the February / March '09 edition of my newsletter!

My intention is to keep you informed of happenings and upcoming events.
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Valentines 4-way Competition

Perris Fury competed at the recent 25th annual Valentines Meet at Skydive Arizona.

The team scored a 21.4 average over the ten rounds and ended up in second place behind Arizona Airspeed.

Congratulations to Arizona Airspeed on their performance!

Also featured on the NSL website.

Performance Designs Picture of the Month

I’d like to congratulate George Katsoulis for getting the PD Picture of the Month! He captured the image below, which is of me swooping across the Perris pond.

Thanks George!


Please click here to view it as it appeared on the PD webpage.

Freefly Load Organizing

I am happy to announce that I will be freefly load organizing at Perris every Wednesday! So come on out and join the fun as we design dives that will be challenging and fun.

Rumble Seat 10-way Speed

The annual Perris Rumble Seat 10-way Speed Meet was awesome! The competitors tried to complete some crazy formations in the shortest amount of time possible over 4 rounds. It was a blast and we all had a lot of laughs!


AXIS iFly Hollywood Tunnel Camp


On the 26th, AXIS Flight School went back to Hollywood due to popular demand. We flew for an hour and covered everything from belly flying to head down. The group had a great time and we all flew like rock stars!


Stay tuned for the next Hollywood camp coming up very soon!

Winter Sucks Boogie

The Winter Sucks Boogie was in full swing here at the Perris Valley Drop zone! With a variety of aircraft to jump out of, and plenty of people to hold hands with while you did it.

If you didn’t come out then you missed out on all the fun!


Things To Look Forward To …

North Carolina Wind Tunnel Camp

It is not too late to sign up for the upcoming Blue XP tunnel camp.

This unique camp is going to include FS with some of the top 4-way flyers, as well as offer freefly skills coaching by me.

This tunnel camp is open to all skill levels of ALL disciplines!.


Also featured on the PD Blog and the XP Blog.

Past Events

Danish 4-way

Octi-fire, a Danish 4-way team, came to Perris to get away from wet and cold Europe.

Christy Frikken of Perris Fury coached the team over a ten-day period, completing 96 jumps! Nice job everyone!


The team which was comprised of Kate Cooper, Fleming Andersen, Jesper Ruby, made vast improvements during their stay.




Thanks for the jumps.

It was a pleasure jumping with you guys.

10-way Speed competition at Elsinore

One of the most fun events of the year, the 10-way speed competition at Skydive Elsinore had a great turn out! The competition included diverse exits, mystery skydives, and a formation load just to tease!

I filmed Brianne Thompson’s team, BT’s 10dimonium, which came in 4th place in the intermediate division. Great job everyone!






For more pictures of the event, please check out my online store


Camera Coaching

Since there is no real camera rating system, or learning program, I have created a camera-curriculum which will allow jumpers who are interested in the art to do a little practice in a safe and controlled manner before they take it to the air.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about this program, please e-mail me at info@niklasdaniel.com.


Ruben Garay, a talented and enthusiastic jumper, has been working with me on this camera-flying learning program with hopes of becoming Fury’s next camera flyer. After working with him in the wind tunnel, learning how to fly with camera wings and dealing with malfunctions, we took to the sky where he filmed me from various distances and angels.



As he progressed and became more confident in his abilities, I found a 4-way for him to film. I followed him on his first 4-way video jump to record his reactions. My video angle gave him further insight into his own body position (using the wings properly) and placement above the team.

Check out the video on the right!




Unfortunately Ruben experienced a less than desirable deployment during one of his first few video jumps. Luckily he remembered a conversation we had on the ground just a few hours earlier, and managed to escape with no serious injuries.

Upcoming Events

3/9/2009 – 3/15/2009:   AFF Instructor Rating Course at Elsinore (CA)
3/14/2009:   Safety Day
3/13/2009 – 3/15/2009:   Flyboyz/SoCal Converge freefly world record tryouts at Perris (CA)
4/1/2009:   April Fools Day

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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