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Welcome to the March / April '09 edition of my newsletter!

My intention is to keep you informed of happenings and upcoming events.
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New Sponsors!

I would like to welcome UPT as my newest sponsor.

UPT is totally committed to their customers, through the quality and performance in the harness and container systems they design, build, and deliver.

Please visit their website and take a look at all their great products.

UPT is also on FaceBook!

I would also like to welcome CYRES as my newest sponsor.

Having an AAD that you can trust, no matter the discipline of skydiving you choose, allows you to focus on the task at hand.

Please visit their website and take a look at all their great products.

Canopy Flocking

Elsinore’s first “Flock Fridays” was a great success. PD Factory Team member Jonathan Tagle organized the event. About ten people participated throughout the day. Formations included “V” and “X” shapes with compulsory points.

From top left to bottom right: Ryan Simpson, Jessica Edgeington, Andy Malchiodi, Niklas Daniel, Thomas Dellibac, Jonathan Tagle, and Chris “the Ninja”.

More Flocking

Congratulations to Peter Kallehave’s for his 5,000th jump!

Peter is on the bottom of the diamond formation that is being videoed by Clint Clawson.
Also featured on the O2 Parachute Team website

Freefly Load Organizing

I am happy to announce that I will be freefly load organizing at Perris Valley every Wednesday! So come on out and join the fun as we design dives that will be challenging and fun.


Past Events

AFF Rating Instructor Course

On March 17th I passed the AFF Instructor Rating Course that was held at Skydive Elsinore! According to Jay Stokes, the course director, it was one of the biggest courses he has taught. Over 20 people attended the course!

Thanks Jay, for the great course!

Congratulations to all the other participants!


4-way, German Military Style

I got a chance to jump with the German Military 4-way team while they were training here at Perris. Their goal is to place 3rd at the CISM 2009 Military competition in France.

Team members include:
Steffan Wiesner
Josef Demmler
Sascha Lasotta
Sebastian Lutz
Marius Weber (Camera)
Torsten Kunke (coach)

Vielen Dank fuer die Sprünge!!!  : )

Wingsuit Ballon Jump

Tim Hedderich took his new Wing-suit for a spin on a balloon jump over Perris Valley.

Weathered Out?

During a quick rainstorm that passed through the Elsinore area, a great photo opportunity presented itself.

Also featured on the PD Blog.

Upcoming Events

4/9/2009 – 4/12/2009:   Easter Boogie at Perris (CA)
4/26/2009 – 4/27/2009:   Blue XP Tunnel Camp at Raeford (NC)
5/2/2009 – 5/3/2009:   Bridge the Gap at Skydive Elsinore (CA)
5/7/2009 – 5/10/2009:   100-Way Camp at Perris Valley (CA)

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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