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Welcome to the Juni / July '09 edition of my newsletter!

My intention is to keep you informed of happenings and upcoming events.
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Tropical Fish

A Canadian 4-way Team named Tropical Fish came to Perris to receive coaching from Dan BC. We also competed at the Skydive Elsinore SCSL, finishing second with a 14.2 average.

Nice Job, guys!



SCSL Competitors Meeting

Tropical Fish exiting a 22

Things to look forward to …

Arizona Wind Tunnel Camp

Spaceland Blue and I will be hosting a Tunnel camp at the 14 foot wind tunnel in Arizona.

The camp is scheduled for August 1st and 2nd, and is welcoming FS flyers and Free-flyers of all skill levels.

For more information in regards to FS, please contact Spaceland Blue: info (at) spaceland.com.

Past Events

Spaceland Blue Tunnel Training



Blue went to Arizona for their second tunnel training camp of the season. After completing four hours of flight time, coached by Mark Kirkby, the team learned a few new tricks and can't wait to get in the air.

Also featured on the Cypres Blog

Upcoming Events

7/8/2009 – 7/12/2009:   Filming Canadian 4-way Team Tropical Fish at Perris, CA
7/11/2009:   Competing at the SCSL at Skydive Elsinore, CA
7/16/2009:   AXIS Hollywood Tunnel Camp in Hollywood, CA
7/21/2009 – 7/24/2009:   Swoop Training with Shannon at Spaceland, TX
7/25/2009 – 7/28/2009:   Spaceland Blue Training Camp in Spaceland, TX

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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