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San Francisco T-Mobile Demo

On August 5th, one hundred
skydivers fell through the skies of
San Francisco. T-Mobile promoted
their new “My Touch G3” phone by putting on an air show, which was organized by Skydiving Innovations.


Also featured in

San Francisco Cititzen
San Francisco Chronicle
Facebook Pier 39

Some YouTube video feeds of the event

T-Mobile Launch myTouch 3G San Francico Skydivers
t-mobile skydiving in san francisco

News video of the event:


Some of the landing sites included: Justin Herman Plaza, Marina Green, Moscone Playground and on the roof of a Pier 39 parking garage.


Just before the jump there was a skywriter as well as a fly by from the Patriots Jet Demonstration Team along the Embarcadero.


After a successful jump we landed on top of the pier 39 parking structure.

Large on-site screens were installed for the event, offering spectators a live broadcast.


While in the air, John Hamilton’s team, which I was a part of, formed a “T”.


Some of the jumpers were in costumes and landed at various sites throughout the city.

Things to look forward to

The Spaceland Blue/Vector Deal

Have you been thinking about getting a new rig lately?

Well hold on to your socks, because here is a deal you won’t be able to pass up!

click on the flyer to learn more ...


Please contact Spaceland Blue for more information:
info (at) spacelandblue.com


Past Events

Danish Team Octofire was back in Town

Octofire launching an 8

Octofire Dirt Dive

Upcoming Events

9/19/2009 – 9/22/2009:   Spaceland Blue Training Camp in Spaceland, TX
10/1/2009 – 10/4/2009:   Chicks Rock Boogie at Skydive Elsinore, CA
10/9/2009 – 10/10/2009:   Spaceland Blue Training Camp in Spaceland, TX
10/11/2009 – 10/22/2009:   USPA Nationals at Spaceland, TX

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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