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Welcome to the October / November '09 edition of my newsletter!

My intention is to keep you informed of happenings and upcoming events.
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USPA Nationals

Skydive Spaceland hosted the 2009 USPA Nationals this year (Oct. 12-25). Spaceland is located on a 134-acre private airpark in Rosharon, Texas just 30 minutes south of downtown Houston on Highway 288.

I competed in four different disciplines this year:
4-Way Open, 8-Way Open, CPC and Canopy Piloting Open.

For more information on results and disciplines, please log on to website of the event.

Coverage on the USPA Nationals Blog:
Day 1  •  Day 2  •  Day 3  •  Day 4  •  Day 5  •  Day 6  • 
Day 7  •  Day 8  •  Day 9  •  Day 10  •  Day 12  •  Day 13

Scoring system at the USPA Nationals: CamScore by Cametrix.

Spaceland Blue was very excited to compete at nationals.

The bad weather two days prior to the event didn’t allow for any practice jumps. However, the weather cleared on Monday morning, and round one could begin.

The team was also recently featured on the sports2blog, USPANationals.com.

Picture also featured on Blue Skies Mag.


Team 412 SLD Blue ended up tied with Sebastian Tempest for 8th place with a 16.6 average, and qualified for next years World Meet in Russia .

Blue also beat the Women’s National Record set by the Furies with 26 points in round 6!


Thank you!
Thank you Craig OB and Joao Tambor for accompanying us during the competition and taking awesome photos!


I would also like to congratulate SLD Force on their World Record 45-point round 6! Also featured on NSL.


Congratulations to Arizona Airspeed on their impressive 25.1 average and winning 4-way open!


4-way Open Team Roster



Spaceland Blue on Houston’s abc13  


Team 805, Spaceland BFE (Elsinore), was a pick-up team that competed as a guest.  

805 was comprised of members of various teams, such as SLD Blue, SLD Force, Golden Knights, and Elsinore BTE.

The team finished in 5th place with a 12-point average! Not bad for a pick-up team :)

Thanks guys, for having me on the dream team!


8-way Open Team Roster



Canopy Piloting (A.K.A. Swooping)

Canopy Piloting Nationals

The USPA Canopy Piloting Nationals got off to an early start on Wednesday with low winds which quickly increased during the first round of zone accuracy. With only one and half rounds of accuracy complete the competition went on a wind hold which eventually got called off for the day.

Thursday was completely weathered out with no competition jumps at all. It rained so hard on Thursday that the Swoop Park was flooded. The DZ staff worked tirelessly for hours and late into the night pumping the water out of the venue. The competition resumed on Friday morning with clear blue skies but winds between 2-3 meters per second. The competition switched to the Distance event Friday morning which made it to round two before the next wind hold.

The USPA Canopy Piloting Nationals got off to an early start on Wednesday with low winds which quickly increased during the first round of zone accuracy. With only one and half rounds of accuracy complete the competition went on a wind hold which eventually got called off for the day.

The competition ended on Saturday evening, with Marat Leiras taking 1st place as a guest! Congratulations Maha!!!

Check out his website at: www.HappySwooper.com 

For more information on scores and final results please click here.

CPC Championships

CPC Championships 09' finished on time but the winds were strong at times. This year was one of the most challenging CPC Championships to date. The wind limit for competition is 7 meters per second (15.6 mph) which caused a half dozen re-jumps during the competition.


The US Nationals of Canopy Piloting was a medal only event with the title of US National champion up for grabs. The CPC championships awarded the "Eagle Trophy" to the grand champion and the top five finishers earned their "Pro Cards". This gives them the opportunity to compete in the Pro Swooping Tour (PST) championships. 


When it was all said and done, Curt Bartholomew won the event and become the 2009 Grand Champion. Congrats Curt!

Don't forget to check out Steve's YouTube Channel for some killer video of the 2009 CPC.

Past Events

Chicks Rock Boogie

Skydive Elsinore hosted the annual Chicks Rock Boogie
(Oct. 1-4), which celebrated female skydivers in the sport.

Organizers included:
Brianne Thompson and Annie Peterson of Spaceland Blue, Sara Curtis and Amy Chmelecki of Arizona Arsenal, Melanie Curtis of  “Melsinore” and many more…

Not only did you get a chance to jump with some of the best athlets in the sport, Chicks Rock was also a great opportunity to check out the latest and greatest in gear and equipment. Many great companies were on site to give out demo-gear and information about the new toys. Some of the gear manufacturers that were present included: Performance Designs, UPT (Vector), and Cypres, just to name a few.


Brianne Thompson Arsenal girls Annie Peterson


Many a tradition has been formed through the years during the boogie, such as the Sun Set Swoop and Chugs, Night Swoops, and the costume party. All in all, it is the best boogie ever!

Danny and Mel


Coors Vampire

Brianne Thompson attacking the pond

Also featured on Blue Skies Mag website!

Nick Grillet was having some problems opening his beer can, so he resorted to some more unusual tactics.



Night Swoops

On Thursday I was fortunate enough to join some fellow jumpers on the “practice” night swoops.

Since I was the first one out of the plane, I had plenty of time to take pictures of all others who followed. Check out Mas Di Siena, who wowed the crowed by taking all the way across the pond!

Picture of the Month also featured on the PD Blog!

Also featured on youtube:

Parachutist Publications

If you haven’t done so, check out the 600th issue of USPA’s Parachutist. It features my pictures on pages 37, 40, 55, and 57.
It also features a really cool shot taken by Ori Kuper of Spaceland Blue on page 23.


Thanks for the Pictures Ori!!!


Things to look forward to

AXIS Sunday Time Change

On November 1st, AXIS Sunday start time is going back to 7pm due to daylight savings time. Don’t forget to change your clocks!

It has been a long season, and Nationals is over. Now it's time to have so fun :) Brianne and I will be out at the Hollywood tunnel on Thursday the 5th.

Flight time starts at 8 pm
(meet time 7 pm)

Slots are limited! 15 minute increments for $275- sharing is encouraged.

So if there is someone that you want to fly with, bring them out!

For those of you who have been to our Hollywood event, you know that we have a blast.

For those unfortunate souls who haven't joined us yet, you can have your pick between Formation Skydiving or Freeflying, and everything in between! Hope to see you there!

Winter Tunnel Camp

Blue will be in Eloy Arizona on December 12th and 13th to bring you to most awesome tunnel coaching experience ever! The camp will cover everything from basic FS, to 4-way, to freefly skills with me.


Follow this link or click on image to learn more

Upcoming Events

11/1/2009:   Daylight Saving Time Ends! AXIS Sunday starts at 7pm
11/23/2009 – 11/27/2009:   Unavailable
12/12/2009 - 12/13/2009:   Spaceland Blue Winter Tunnel in Eloy, AZ
12/23/2009 – 1/4/2010:   Unavailable

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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