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Welcome to the January / February 2010 edition of my newsletter!

My intention is to keep you informed of happenings and upcoming events.
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Flying with "Chuck"

On February 12th I got the chance to fly with Comedian and TV star Scott Krinsky from the NBC series "Chuck".


The video was produced for RADARonline.com.

Click here to view the article and video on radaronline.com


Website Reloaded

NiklasDaniel.com is getting a facelift! The new version will be jam packed with new and helpful coaching tips, plus more videos and pictures.

I will continue to post a "picture of the month" and send out monthly newsletter.

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Thank you Bev Suits!

Axis Flight School would like to thank Bev for our new awesome suits.




Past Events

10-way Speed

Skydive Elsinore hosted it's annual 10-way speed meet on January 29th.

The event had a big turn out with 7 teams competing in open and intermediate.

Below you will find some pictures of team "Hammo's Special Children" who took first place. Congratulations to all who participated.


Also, featured on Blue Skies Magazine website, video of round 3. Enjoy!









Climb Out, Freak Out, Chill Out, is a beginners guide on how
to film competitive 4-way, which is featured on pages 50 - 53.

Another version of this article was also published on dropzone.com.

Other images worth checking out are featured on page 27 in the "Smoke and Dust" themed Photo Gallery, and a great shot by Ori Kuper on page 61. Thanks Ori!


A pdf version of the article is available on my website in the section on camera coaching or by clicking here.

Upcoming Events

2/18/2010 – 2/21/2010:   Freefly Money Meet Eloy, AZ
3/5/2010 – 3/8/2010:   Training with Spaceland Blue

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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