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Welcome to the March / April 2010 edition of my newsletter!

My intention is to keep you informed of happenings and upcoming events.
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PD Photo Shoot

Performance Designs held a three day photo shoot at Skydive Palatka to create an updated photo library of all their canopies.

Three PD sponsored photographers were called in to take part in the event: Brian Buckland, Lazlo Andacs, and myself.

As a group, we took several thousand images, from many different vantage points and lighting conditions.

We did back to back hop and pops from 7,500 feet, using a Cessna 182, averaging about 10 jumps a day.

Exit shot of Scott Roberts

Scott Jontes, head of the PD graphics department was also present, helping with the downloading precess of pictures and video, and also taking some fantastic landing shots. For more information about the event, and to see more of Scott's work, please check out his blog: Day 1Day 2

Here is a sneak peek at a couple of my photographs over Palatka.




Don't forget to check out Brian Buckland's Blog and Lazlo Andacs gallery of the event!



Congratulations to Brian for getting the
PD Picture of the month!




Blue Training Camp

The weather over Skydive Spaceland was gray and gray, and forced Blue to cancel their second training camp of the season.


Spaceland Blue is now also featured on the 90 percent photo gallery!

Not everybody let the bad weather stop them from having a good time

Thank you UPT

Spaceland Blue would like to thank UPT for their new USA rigs!

Representing the US in style :)





Shamrock Showdown

Spaceland Blue traveled to Deland Florida to participate in the annual Shamrock Showdown 4-way meet.

The primary purpose was to get some competition experience along side the French Women's National Team.

Blue has only had one training camp under it's belt since the beginning of the season. 

The florida weather was great, allowing everyone to completed all 10 rounds.

In the end, Blue's performance was exaclty what the team expected, finishing the meet with a 16.7 average.

Shamrock Results (click on picture to enlarge)

Also featured on the NSL website:

Spaceland Blue's Shamrock Results

4-way videos complete the first day of the Shamrock Showdown 2010
Shamrock Showdown aftermath begins with videos of Round 1
The 4-way videos of Round 2 come along with a Deep Blue interview

Also featured on the Cypres Blog:
Cash in the Afternoon


90 Percent Mag (online)

Nr. 3, March 2010, pg. 19-23.
Nik featured on pg. 22

Click here or on magazine cover to view pdf version.

An old picture finds a new home

Check out an oldie, but goodie on Skydive Radio

Container for Sale!

Find the original add on Dropzone.com.



Upcoming Events

4/30/2010 – 5/3/2010:   P3 Big Way Skills Camp at Perris, CA
5/5/2010 – 5/9/2010:   Training with Spaceland Blue in Rosharon, TX

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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