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Welcome to the April / May 2010 edition of my newsletter!

My intention is to keep you informed of happenings and upcoming events.
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California Freefly Record Camp

USA National Freefly Team "SoCal Converge" hosted the May California Freefly record camp at Skydive Elsinore. Over 40 participants attended the three day event. Friday started with two separate and smaller 20 way groups, with people refining their skills. Drills included recognition of individual sight pictures, levels, and no grip slot flying. Great emphasis was placed on safety, especially during break off and canopy skills. On Sunday the groups combined to create formation loads, working on flying a 40 way. Throughout the weekend everyone showed great discipline and skill, exciting the organizers and confirming that their goal of a state record of 54+ people is possible.



Videos on facebook (below and right):


Thank you Bev Suits!

Spaceland Blue would like to thank Bev for our new USA suits.

Blue training over Spaceland, TX in their new navy blue suits and micron rigs.

Exciting news from PD!

Performance Designs released a short video, giving information about the larger sized Optimum Reserves.

Past Events

Radar Online Production

Carlos Alazraqui of the hit show Reno 911 was at Skydive Elsinore to promote many of his upcoming works.

In conjunction with Hollywood Bubble and RadarOnline.com, Ruben Garay, writer and director, came up with a short action comedy that would allow Carlos to promote his new media releases in a fun and interesting way. Carlos has been skydiving for over 15 years, and showed off his skills while jumping several different costumes.

Being implemented as the aerial cimematographer, I got the chance to try and flex my artistic muscle in the sky. I also had a bit part where I acted as a stunt double for Ruben Garay during a swoop scene where Carlos gets unexpectedly attacked. Brianne Thompson of Spaceland Blue was also part of the production, acting as a stunt double for actress Drea Castro.

AXIS Flight School supervised the production by acting as a consultant and safety advisor.

View Teaser TrailerView full movie

Also featured on Blue Skies Mag.

Carlos getting dressed for his next roll as a special agent.


Nik getting his feet wet in the Audio Department


Brianne and Drea in full costume.

Nik's Helmet with Canon 7D



PD - Picture of the Month

May 2010


PD also used several of the images from last months photo shoot to promote their canopies in the latest Para Gear.
Please click here to view their line of products
(size of pdf file: 9 MB)


Page 69 features a student training aid that highlight the important stages of landing.

I created this image using photoshop and an Instructor posing as a student at Skydive Elsinore.

Container for Sale!

Find the original add on Dropzone.com.

Upcoming Events

5/29/2010 – 5/30/2010:   Spaceland Blue Tunnel Training Camp in Eloy, AZ
5/14/2010 – 5/16/2010:   California Head Down State Record Attempts at Elsinore, CA
6/16/2010 – 6/21/2010:   Training with Spaceland Blue in Rosharon, TX

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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