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Welcome to the July / August 2010 edition of my newsletter!

This newsletter is a little shorter than usual as there will be a special edition soon, covering the 2010 World Meet.


Thanks PD!

Performance Designs featured Spaceland Blue in the header of their home page.

Thanks Hypoxic!

I would like to thank "Trunk" at Hypoxic for supplying USA Spaceland Blue with two Hypeye D Pros.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due :)

Back in April, Brian Buckland took an excellent picture of the Optimum reserve which was used in
an advertisement by Performance Designs. Brian was given credited for the ad in this month's
Parachutist (below, right), however, if you take a close look at the same advert in this month's
British Skydiving Magazine "The Mag", I was credited for Brian's image (below, left).

Alright Brian, just to make you feel better, here is an advertisement (above) for the same product featuring you as the model. ... Now you are famous! :)

Also featured on Brian's Blog

AXIS Flight School is back!

After a one month trip to europe, AXIS is back! This weekend (Sunday, Aug. 22nd) we will be at Perris Skyventure for Axis Sunday, to bring you our cheap tunnel time and free coaching. We also scheduled a AXIS Hollywood tunnel camp on Thursday the 26th. So whatever your poison, FS or Freefly, we are here to provide!

If you have not yet done so, please check out our re-designed website

Axis is also on YouTube under the name AxisFlightTV. Please feel free to subscribe to our channel, where we will be posting lots of cool videos and tutorials very shortly. 

We have also created a new Facebook account  ... so if we are not friends yet, you know what to do ;)


Canopy Skills Camp

Axis Flight School held a basic canopy skills camp at Skydive Elsinore.

The course began with a meeting in the morning in order to assess experience level and current understanding of canopy flight, as well as the student's individual goals. Before taking it to the air, the students were exposed to theories and principles of canopy flight using visual aids in the classroom. Then they moved straight into low altitude hop and pops where the class was able to experiment with new inputs and landing patterns. A better overall understanding of reading the environment and situational awareness allowed the students to increase their anticipation and improve their accuracy. 

Later in the day the class was introduced to high altitude hop and pops where they learned to fly relative to another canopy and were introduced to the theories of canopy collision avoidance. By flying close to a skilled canopy pilot, the students were able to fine tune their flying skills and were able to apply their new knowledge of the canopies inputs. It was exciting, because it was the first time these students ever flew that close to another canopy intentionally. 

The class ended the day with a canopy kiting session in the main landing area, the group discovered how to successfully fly their canopies while being stationary on the ground. This further expanded upon their knowledge, and may come in handy if they ever chose to go speed flying in the future. Once they got the hang of it, it was not long before they tried to bump end cells and later even built a 3-stack!


AXIS Flight School student attempting to bumb end cells.


Darren demonstrating great control by hoovering his canopy off the ground.



Axis Flight School student kite their canopies in a 3-stack formation.

Go Jump!

While passing through Germany, Brianne and I also paid a visit to Go Jump!, a DZ near Gransee.

The DZ had excellent facilities including the newest equipment, a fast Pac-750, and a great little bistro.


Hook Inn Bistro at Go Jump!






My first cover!
Also page 12.

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Vol. 51, No. 8, Iss. 610
pages 8 and 28.


Show #132, July 19th 2010 — With John Leblanc (Part 1)


Upcoming Events

8/20/2010 – Axis Basic Canopy Skills Course at Skydive Elsinore, CA
8/22/2010 – Axis Sunday at Perris Skyventure, CA
8/26/2010 – Axis Hollywood Tunnel Camp at iFly Hollywood, CA

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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