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Welcome to the August / September 2010 edition of my newsletter!

XRW Project

This was the second phase of Extreme RW: further exploring the possibilities of how skydiving’s two fastest growing disciplines can interact in the air. Multiple wingsuit flyers in freefall and multiple high-performance canopy pilots came together for every type of interaction made possible by gravity and the skill of the athletes.

PD Factory Team pilots, Jonathan Tagle and Jessica Edgeington, along with Tonysuit Wingsuit pilot Jeff Nebelkopf and Taya Weiss worked on mixed formation flights and other never-before-seen configurations.

3 x 4 Flock



Jeff Exit

During the week of September 13th 17th, XRW at Skydive Elsinore highlighted the non-profit charity Raise the Sky, an organization that connects skydiving events to charitable causes and promotes press coverage and national sponsor exposure for stories that portray skydivers as superheroes.

Project XRW: Elsinore 2010 from Raise the Sky on Vimeo.

Practice jumps at the dropzone were followed by exclusive footage shot in the scenic Elsinore Valley, home to Southern California's largest natural lake and the beautiful Ortega Mountains. ... morE

Also check out the Raise the Sky blog to see how each day played out and read this pdf-file on the project.
Day 1   •   Day 2   •   Day 3 & 4

Also featured on the PD Blog.

Picture Social Interview

I would like to thank Richard Schneider for interviewing me and showcasing my work on Picture Correct. To read the whole article, please Click here.

Thank you Vertical Suits

New Raptor Freefly Suit                        

Flour Fusion Photo Gallery

I am pleased to announce that Flour Fusion will be displaying some of my images in their coffee house.

The images range from skydiving, to various other shots I have taken on my travels.

Have a look at the Flour Fusion Facebook page

All in the Family

I would like to congratulate Barbara Fleeger on her first Skydive!


Nik takes Barabara Fleeger on her first skydive over Lake Elsinore as her son Shane joins in.

AXIS Flight School in the Media

Tracking - Theory and Application on page 44 of the latest Parachutist (September 2010).

Tracking is a critical survival skill that many jumpers neglect. In this article, the authors explore the body mechanics that help improve the tracking skills of highly experienced and novice skydivers alike.

Click here to read the draft version of our article.


Water Training

On the 18th, Axis headed to the local Casino near Skydive Elsinore to conduct a water training course.

Water training is a major part of the curriculum in order to receive a B-license- which allows the holder to participate in night jumps or jump out of a helicopter.

This course is designed to make jumpers aware of the unique dangers that a water landing (intentional or unintentional) may present.

In addition to learning new material, the students get to experience first hand what it is like to be submerged in water with real skydiving equipment.


Blue Skies Mag - print

Issue# 12
pg. 3, 4, 20, 21, 24


Vol. 51, No. 9, Iss. 611,
pg. 44, 45, 47, 59, and 66

Article «Tracking – Theory and Application»


90 Percent

Nr 5 / 2010
pg. 27, 28, and 42

View online


Upcoming Events

9/13/2010 – 9/17/2010: XRW Project at Skydive Elsinore, CA
9/16/2010: Axis Hollywood Tunnel Camp with Brianne at Universal City Walk, CA
9/25/2010: -ism canopy competition at Perris, CA
9/30/2010 – 10/3/2010: Chicks Rock Boogie at Elsinore, CA
10/16/2010 – 10/17/2010: The Gauntlet Tunnel Competition in Eloy, AZ

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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