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Welcome to the September / October 2010 edition of my newsletter!

Chicks Rock Boogie 2010: A Space Odyssey!!

Probably the best boogie in the world, this year's theme was a space odyssey.

With out-of-this-world costumes, the best organizers in all the universe, and of course the stellar vendors, no other boogie can compare!

If you are interested in purchasing a print from the event, please visit my online store.


Andy Malchiody organizes an 8-way VFS jump


Mark Procos tracks off




I would like to congratulate Melissa Zender on the 500th jump.
In honor of the occasion we built a 13-way hybrid.

13-way hybrid

Freefly exit during sunset


Brianne organizes a 5-way

You can also check out more of the event by login on to Skydive Elsinore's Facebook page, and around the DZ.

Also featured on the PD Blog.

Also featured in the Italian parachuting magazine 90percent
(No. 6, Oktober 2010, pg. 17, 18, 19, and 22)




13-way hybrid builds over Elsinore

Click here or on image above to watch the
video on Facebook!

Thank you Flour Fusion!

Chicks Rock Boogie was even sweeter, because Flour Fusion
(a local european bakery) donated a huge wedding style cake
to the event.



New Performance Designs Ad

Performance Designs contacted me in regards to an ad idea for the Storm, a canopy very popular with wing-suiters and CRW dogs alike.

The idea was to capture a shot of the canopy opening behind a wing-suit flyer. 

Since I don't participate in wingsuit flying, I called in Kenneth Gajda for assistance.

We launched a few exits where I was holding onto his chest strap, similar to a "Mister Bill".

We also did some high altitude hop and pops and took images of him tearing it up with his bright orange Storm.



-ism Swoop Competition

The first competition of the -ism canopy piloting series was held at Skydive Perris on September 25th.

It consisted of two rounds of the three different courses: speed, distance, and accuracy.

Open competition 5 foot gates were used and competitors were scored cumulatively through all the rounds.


Nik performs a blind-man during the freestyle exhibition round


Danny takes first place

New AO Shirt 

Check out the newest skydiving T-shirt (right column) from Adrenaline Obsession!

It features World Champion Freely Team SoCal Converge
on the back.

Scores (click on picture to enlarge)

In the end, Danny Koon took the competition as overall winner.
After all 6 rounds were completed, there was a little time for a freestyle session.
Don't forget to check out -ism's Facebook page.

I would like to thank Adrenaline Obsession for sponsoring my entry free and supplying me with one of their brand new rockin' jerseys!


AXIS Flight School in the Media

Back in August (link to past newsletter) Axis held a basic canopy skills course at Skydive Elsinore. Some of the camps images found their way into the Italian skydiving magazine 90Percent!

Please click here to view the online version of the September edition of 90Percent.


Axis is now also featured on the Perris website

Thank you Danny!

We would like to thank Danny Teshuva for coming all the way from Israel to get coaching from Axis.

During his time he did 3 full days of coaching and an hour of tunnel time.

Here are some images taken by Scott Harper and myself during our jumps.

For more images please check out the AXIS Facebook page.


Launching a side body with Brianne


Learning flips and other freefly maneuvers

Danny learns how to do a backfly exit with Nik holding on

Working on Tracking


Tunnel coaching with Brianne

USPA 2011 Skydiving Calender

Check out the new 2011 Skydiving Calendar from the USPA.
It features an image I took back in January during the Skydive Elsinore Speed Star Event. So if you were a part of "Hammo's Special Children", make sure to snag a copy for bragging rights :)


Click here to enlarge picture.


Click here to place your order.


How would your life change if you had 30 days to live?  The First Church of Christ in Burlington, KY asked this question to promote self reflection. In order to assist in this process, the church wanted a visual aid to go along with their presentation.

The final image chosen depicts 4-way team Spaceland Blue exiting a 5 over texas during a training camp.


If you are in the neigh-borhood, feel free to check it out.
Here is the address:

First Church of Christ
6080 Camp Ernst Road
Burlington, KY 41005 



October 2010, Issue 612,
pg. 8, 29, 43, 44, and 45


WebNews no. 26, Sep. 2010
pg. 19–21

BPA's Skydive the Mag

October 2010, pg. 48.


click here for the online version

First Church of Christ

October 2010, vol. 78,
iss. 10.


click here for the online version

Upcoming Events

11/10/2010 – 11/14/2010: California State Freefly Record Event at Perris, CA

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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