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Welcome to the October / November 2010 edition of my newsletter!

AXIS is moving to the Sun!

After the Thanksgiving weekend Axis Flight School can be found at Skydive Arizona running the Arizona Training Center (AZTC).

The new headquarters will provide our students with a large lift capacity, excellent facilities, a powerful 14 foot tunnel, and much more!


Brianne working on kiting                                                             Brianne's first attempt                             Brianne's last flight of the day

Nik's first attempt


Axis is broadening its horizons by learning how to paraglide.

We sought out coaching from Patrick Eaves who has tons of experience and has flown the world over. Patrick is a great instructor, and we highly recommend checking out his website.

Flying the Flag for Veterans

On November 10th a large US flag flew over Lake Elsinore, CA in honor of two young men sharing the same first name. The "Jump for Jordan" included a large US flag and a smaller Native American veteran's flag.

"Jordan Emrick was a young skydiver, US Marine, and friend, and we wanted to honor him in a way we knew he'd appreciate. Jordan Byrd was from my hometown in Utah," said Douglas Spotted Eagle, who carried the flags for these young men.

Clouds covered the sun setting over the Pacific ocean, backlighting the US flag, drawing emotional responses from everyone in the area, including a large group of British servicemen.

Also featured on CNN

XRW Training

Barry Holubeck and I just completed a two day training camp, experimenting with new approach methods, flight modes and formations. 

During our camp we made some great discoveries, such as: a new exit strategy that does not affect jump run (pilot does not have to do any special patterns) and we also cut our set up time down from 60 seconds to less than 30! (that is from exit to first contact) 

I am keeping a video log of our progress and hope to upload it to YouTube very soon.


Hand dock

Lining up for Rodeo

Break Off

Foot Dock

Hand dock

Barry's Approach


Hand Dock + Turn


Thank you Verical!

Axis would like to thank Vertical Suits for our new Raptor suits!

The Raptor is Vertical's latest design. This suit is fully articulated with windproof spandex inserts, which makes it incredibly comfortable while being a very technical suit designed to suit the modern freeflying techniques.

This suit is perfect for both the sky and the wind tunnel.

Get yours! 

2011 PD Calenders are here!!!

The 2011 PD Calenders are now available for purchase through the PD Store.  At the low cost of $11.95 you can check out photo's from the worlds greatest photographers


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November 2010, Issue 613,
pg. 25: Axis Flight School holds basic canopy skills camp


No. 6 (Print),
October 2010
pg. 17, 18, 19, and 22

Article on Chicks Rock Boogie 2010, held in Elsinore
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Blue Skies Mag

November 2010, Issue 14,
pg. 2, 20, and 27


Nov. 11, 2010

Flying the Flag for Veterans

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No. 28 (WebNews),
November 2010

Nik featured on page 47

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Upcoming Events

11/29/2010 – 12/02/2010: 4-way video for Arizona Airspeed

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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