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Welcome to the November / December 2010 edition of my newsletter!


Wishing Everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year!

I would like to thank all of my Sponsors for their support during the 2010 season:



Home Sweet Home

Axis Flight School has settled in nicely into its new home at Skydive Arizona. We can now be found at the Arizona Training Center (AZTC) for all coaching needs.

In addition to having our own office and class room, our students will be able take full advantage of Skydive Arizona's great facilities, wind tunnel, and vast lift capacity. 

For more information and to read about the services we will offer, click here or on the picture of our new flyer (right).

Axis will continue to post upcoming events on their website, as well as the facebook page.

AZTC room panorama

AZTC flyer cover

Click here or on the picture above to read our new flyer.

Thank you Cookie Composites!

Axis Flight School would like to welcome Cookie as our newest sponsor.

Check out our new shiny G2 helmets.

Arizona Airspeed: new line up


And if the pictures don't make you want to have one, check out the video (left) for an explanation of features.


November XRW Video is online!

Parachutist Profile

In my last newsletter, I showed off some images of our latest XRW training camp at Skydive Elsinore. I finally got around to making a short video of all of our flights.


Also featured in the latest 90Percent Magazine on pages 9 and 10!

Axis Flight School coach Brianne Thompson was featured in this months Parachutist Profile!.

Profile Brianne Thompson

Click here or on the picture to view a pdf-file of the profile.

New AO Shirt

Check out the newest skydiving T-shirt from Adrenalin Obsession!

This one features the 2010 USA Woman's 4-way team Spaceland Blue.

AO Shirt featuring Spaceland Blue

2011 Airspeed Line Up

Arizona Airspeed just completed their first training camp with a new line up!

The new members for Airspeed 2011 are: Josh Hall, formerly of Perris Fury, Thomas Hughes, formerly of Spaceland Force and Arizona Airspeed 2006, Niklas Hemlin, formerly of Team Fastrax, and Mark Kirkby who is a continuing member of Airspeed. 

The videoflyer for the 2011 team is Dave Brown. Dave Brown has been a VFS competitor with Team Mandrin and a Canopy Pilot. 
Nick Grillet will be training as the alternate.

Click here to view the NSL interview with Thomas Hughes and Nick Grillet about the team. 

Also featured on the PD Blog and NSL.

And have a look at Arizona Airspeed's Video on Facebook.

Arizona Airspeed: new line up


Blue Skies Magazine

December 2010, Issue 15,
pg. 6, 7, and 31


No. 29 (WebNews),
December 2010,
pg. 9, and 10, Nik featured on page 44, and 45

(click here to read)


December 2010, Issue 614,
(vol. 51, no. 12) pg. 19, 42, 44, 48, 49, 54, 55, and 62

Skydive Radio

Show #139, Dec. 15, 2010


Upcoming Events

12/16/2010: VFS Tunnel Training with Arizona Drive
12/24/2010 – 1/02/2010: Holiday Boogie
12/27/2010 – 1/01/2010: Collegiates

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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