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Welcome to the January / February 2011 edition of my newsletter!

Skydive Arizona Ads

Arizona's Easter Boogie is already looking to be pretty promising with its 3:10 to Eloy western theme.

Here is a sneak peak for some of the upcoming Parachutist ads.

(Photos: Niklas Daniel / Design: Benjamin Forde)

Click on images above or right for larger versions


Filming just about everything!

Freefly and VFS

42Freefly - Freefly Norway (Website)

During their stay, I accompanied 42 Freefly (Team Norway) on 15 jumps over 2 days to take videos and pictures. Here are some of my selects.








Evolution - VFS Canada (Website)

I also accompanied Canadian VFS National Team "Evolution" on a couple of jumps to take pictures for PIA

Here are a couple of my selects:

New Vector Ad for PIA

Check out the latest ad by UPT. I captured this shot last month while jumping with Canadian VFS Team Evolution.


Arizona Arsenal

I did some outside video during Arizona Arsenal's training camp for an upcoming article in the Australian Skydiver Magazina on VFS video.

With this much freefly talent on the drop zone, it was only a matter of time until something big was going to go down.

On the last load of the day, all training VFS and Freefly teams and some addtitional local talent came together to form an impromptu 19-way head down formation!




Watch the video (left) on Facebook, and see what happens when everyone plays together.




Brian Pangburn and his wife Pam, led a Canopy Relative Work skills camp for experienced, as well as newbie CRW Dogs over the weekend.

I followed Pam on a 20-way diamond attempt. After break-off, smaller formations built which then flew back to the landing area. 



The following day I happened to be standing in the landing area with a telephoto lens, when I noticed that a 4-way diamond was attempting to re-dock with a 12-way diamond. Unfortunately the attempt failed, with the 4-way becoming unstable with one pilots canopy experiencing a "whirly". 



Everyone was fine, and even though the pilot with the  yellow canopy suffered some damage to one of his cells,  he was still able to land safely without having to cut away.

Balloon Jump

I would like to thank Nate Olsen for letting me accompany him on his first ballon jump. 

Holiday Boogie Picture

A gallery of some images I took during the holiday boogie are now online on the Skydive Arizona Website!

New Airspeed T-shirts

Brought to you by a collaboration of myself (design) and Adrenaline Obsession (printing), the new Arizona Airspeed shirts are now available for purchase!

Skydiving Post Cards

Here are a couple of samples of post cards now available for purchase at Skydive Arizona's local gear store Square 2.


Vertical 4-way / Arizone Drive

VFS Team Arizona Drive completed its first training camp in its new line up.

Members include: Brandon Atwood, Keith Fournier,
Mike 'Friday' Friedman, Niklas Daniel, Jon 'Tex' Walker (Video), Sara Curtis (Alternate).

Thank you Amy Benton for providing us with outside video!

Check out some of our tunnel footage!



Arizona Drive on Facebook!


Nik on AZ Drive Website

Canopy Images featured in FLCPA Teaser video

Parachutist is now online! www.parachutistonline.com

Featuring three articles by Niklas Daniel:

Article on 4-way camera:
Climb Out, Freak Out, Chill Out—A Guide to Filming 4-way

Article on Sitflying:
Thinking on your Feet—Improving Your Sit-Fly

Article on Tracking:
Tracking—Theory and Application

German AFF


Every six months or so a group of Germans makes the trip to Skydive Arizona to escape the cold weather and learn how to skydive.


Since I am bilingual and the group was short handed on reserve side instructors, I was able to fill in for a jump and accompany Alex on his first jump.



February 11, Volume 52
Number 2, Issue 616
Pages: 13, 18, 20, 21, 27, 38, 39, 40, 41, and 44 

Blue Skies Mag

#17, pages: 20, and 21

90 Percent

Web News Nr 30 1/11

Pages: Cover, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 39, 40, 41


Click here or on cover to
read the pdf-file.

Skydive Radio

Show #141, February 4th 2011 - Jeff Nebelkopf and Taya Weiss

Picture of the month by
Niklas Daniel.

90 Percent

Web News Nr 31 2/11

Pages: 7 - 11


Click here or on cover to
read the pdf-file.

90 Percent

Print Nr 1, Year 7 (2011)

Pages: 2

Upcoming Events

3/9/2011: Tunnel Training with Arizona Drive; Eloy, AZ.
3/14/2011: Tunnel Training with Arizona Drive; Eloy, AZ.
3/18/2011: Tunnel Training with Arizona Drive; Eloy, AZ.
3/19/2011: Night Jump at Skydive Arizona; Eloy, AZ.
3/19/2011 – 3/20/2011: Sky Training with Arizona Drive; Eloy, AZ.
3/22/2011: Tunnel Training with Arizona Drive; Eloy, AZ.
3/24/2011: Tunnel Training with Arizona Drive; Eloy, AZ.

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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