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Welcome to the March / April 2011 edition of my newsletter!

New Gear!


AXIS Flight School would like to thank UPT, Cypres, and Persformance Designs for their new rigs, AADs and canopies!



Foundations of Flight

Foundations of Flight is Axis Flight School's monthly colum which is published by USPA's Parachutist.

Parachutist's April issue will feature an article on the Barrel Roll: Performed by Niklas Daniel, photos by Brianne Thompson.

Click here to read a pdf-file of the article.

Click here to read the article on the Parachutist website.


Arizona Arsenal   

For the remainder of the 2011 season I will be joining VFS team Arizona Arsenal as their alternate.

Over the next couple of months I will be filling in the video slot until Steve Curtis recovers from a shoulder surgery.

For more information, please visit the teams Facebook page.

The current line up is: Amy Chmelecki, Sara Curtis, Steve Curtis, Ty Losey, Brandon Atwood (video), and Niklas Daniel (alternate).

Here is a short video from some of our training jumps.

VFS Camera Article

The Australian Skydive Magazine released an article that was co-written by Sara Curtis and myself. In a collaborative effort we highlighted some of the tricks and traps for filming Vertical Formation Skydiving. You may view a PDF version of the article here, however the article will soon be available in next months Parachutist as well.

Brazilian Big Ways

During the Easter Boogie over one hundred Brazilians arrived at the Eloy drop zone to participate in the Brazilian record attempts. After a couple of days of practice, a  102-way built in the sky, officially setting the new Brazilian national record for the largest formation. Congratulations to all the participants!

All images were taken from the ground using a Canon 7D and a 250mm lens. 



SRF Balloon Spring Fling Competition / Demo

"Earlier this month the Arizona Skyhawks  performed an evening demo jump and hosted a small swoop exibition at the Salt River Field Sports Complex in Scottsdale Arizona.  The Skyhawks canopy of choice for their challenging night jumps is the Spectre 230.  The skydiving demonstration showed our sport to those in attendance for the baloon glow, kids games, and vendors who were open through the afternoon into the evenings.  Here's a few photo's captured by Frank Burch during the afternoon's events."

Click here to visit the event's website.

Also featured on the PD Blog.


Results (click on image for a larger version)

AXIS Photo Shoot


A couple of friends are taking photography classes in college.

They asked if AXIS would be interested in modeling for them in a low-key setting while experimenting with equipment and lighting effects.


Using one of the airplane hangers on the Skydive Arizona Drop Zone, we were able to provide a controlled environment, shielded from the elements.

The unique looking Arizona fleet of planes made for a great backdrop. Here are some unedited images by Charles Wynn.



To view more, please do not forget to check out Drew Simboli's SmugMug page.


Blue Skies Mag

#20, pg. 26, 29


PD Blog

April 13, 2011

Tracking anyone?

(click on image or link above
for a larger version)


Apr. 2011, vol. 52, no. 4,
iss. 618, pages: 30, 42, 73, 77


Click here to read the article "The Barrel Roll" in AXIS Flight School's column "Foundations of Flight" on parachutist online.



April-May 2011, pages: 16, 29, 30, 33

(click on image for a larger version)

90 Percent

WebNews Nr. 33, 04/2011, pages: Cover, 23, 24, 25

Click here to read

Skydive Radio

Show #145, April 15h 2011 –
with Kirk Smith on Argus

(click on image for a larger version)


Norwegian Skydiving Magazine (Link)

Nr.1 2011, Volume 38,
Pages: 1, 40, and 41

Click here to view pdf-file.

90 Percent

Nr. 3, Year 7, pg. 15, 16, 17

Click here to read.

Upcoming Events

5/3/2011 – 5/4/2011: Video for Arizona Arsenal; Eloy, AZ.
5/7/2011 – 5/9/2011: Video for Arizona Arsenal; Eloy, AZ.
5/11/2011 – 5/12/2011: Video for Arizona Arsenal; Eloy, AZ.
5/14/2011 – 5/15/2011: Video for Arizona Arsenal; Eloy, AZ.
5/19/2011 – 5/20/2011: Video for Arizona Arsenal; Eloy, AZ.
5/22/2011 – 5/24/2011: Video for Arizona Arsenal; Eloy, AZ.
Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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