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Welcome to the April / May 2011 edition of my newsletter!

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Canopy Flocking Day

On April 27th, AXIS Flight School (AxisFlightSchool.com) hosted a free seminar dedicated to educating jumpers on canopy flight at Skydive Arizona. 

The course welcomed jumpers from all skill and experience levels, from newbies with less than 100 jumps, to canopy-pilots with several thousand. Event organizers included Brianne Thompson, Niklas Daniel, and Chris Scott.

After an extensive brief in the morning, the participants were broken up into groups with similar skill levels - down to individuals. The participants were able to take part in as much of the seminar as they chose. Given that there were some higher winds in the afternoon, some decided to stop jumping, however, they decided to stick around and participate in the debriefs and other class work. 

As the groups became more proficient and their understanding grew, some groups were combined to build flocking formations (Canopy formations with no contact). Starting with some basic formations such as flying side by side, moving up to diamonds and "Trucks and Trains".

In addition to learning about their own canopies and how to make them perform better, the participants also developed a better understanding of how to fly relative to other jumpers. In an effort to learn how to get together, they inevitably learned how to stay apart and create separation when it came to landing patterns. An "Everyone has the right of way but me" attitude was fostered which resulted in more predictable landing-patterns and better separation amongst jumpers. 

For the advanced groups more difficult flocking formations were organized as well as having permission to execute high performance landings. 

AXIS would like to thank Skydive Arizona, as well as all the skydivers who participated in this event. Through their efforts and wanting to learn, you are making this sport a little safer not just for yourself but also for your fellow jumpers. AXIS hopes to provide more seminars like this one to further promote safety through education.

To find out about the next courses or to inquire about a personalized training plan, please contact AXIS at Events@AxisFlightSchool.com.

Canopy Flocking Day also featured

3:10 to Eloy Easter Boogie

During the boogie, Axis Flight School hosted a special that included 3 coach jumps and 10 minutes of tunnel. This event sold out quickly a couple of months in advance!

Here is a picture of Charles, who took his newly learned skills from the tunnel into the sky.

Brianne teaching Sally how to back-fly in the tunnel

Foundations of Flight

Foundations of Flight is Axis Flight School's monthly colum which is published by USPA's Parachutist.

Parachutist's May issue will feature an article on the Side Slide: Performed by Brianne Thompson, photos by Niklas Daniel.

Click here to read the article on parachutistonline.com.


Freeflying with Norwegians

Since Eloy is a great place to jump all year round, teams from all over the world come here to train. During their stay, Norwegian freefly teams "42Freefly" and "Sweet Freefly" made a couple of fun jumps together. I accompanied them to take some pictures and video. Here are some of my selects:


42Freefly Website • Sweet Freefly Facebook page

Lost Prairie Boogie

At the end of July, all AZ Arsenal members will be organizing at this years Lost Prairie Boogie in Montana!

To promote the event, I took some pictures that will be featured as an add in next months Parachutist.

Read this NEWS FLASH ON THE AZ SKYDIVING WEBSITE. Here are some funny out takes from the photo shoot!

Read this news flash on the AZ Skydive website.


Click here
or on image for lager version.

Tokaya Chicks Boogie

Tokaya, in collaboration with Parachute Montréal is proud to announce the first ever TOKAYA CHICKS BOOGIE, August 19-21st, 2011.

Come celebrate the history of female skydiving in Canada by participating in the first annual boogie which promises to be explosive!

Gentlemen, you are welcome but beware,..." read more on the Blue Skies Mag website!

Also featured on Facebook.

Ke's 1000th jump

During one of our training days, Ke a local jumper made his 1000th jump. Ih honor of the occasion, we put together a 21 way tracking dive comprised of AZ Arsenal, AZ Airspeed, and many more talented local jumpers. Here is a short clip from my view of the jump.


Freifall Xpress

German Skydiving Magazine

May/June 2011, year 14,
page 19.

Click here to read article on the Freifall Xpress website.


May 2011, vol. 52, no. 5,
iss. 619, pages: 61, 69

Click here to read the article "Side Slide" in AXIS Flight School's column "Foundations of Flight" on parachutist online.


French Skydiving Magazine

No. 288, May 2011,
page 48 - 59.

Click on pages to enlarge


click here to read the
online version on the
paramag website.

90 Percent

WebNews Nr. 34, 05/2011, pages: 28, 29, 30, 53, 54, 55

Click here to read.


With article on AXIS Flight School's Canopy Camp:

click on image to enlarge

Upcoming Events

5/3/2011 – 5/4/2011: Video for Arizona Arsenal; Eloy, AZ.
5/7/2011 – 5/9/2011: Video for Arizona Arsenal; Eloy, AZ.
5/11/2011 – 5/12/2011: Video for Arizona Arsenal; Eloy, AZ.
5/14/2011 – 5/15/2011: Video for Arizona Arsenal; Eloy, AZ.
5/19/2011 – 5/20/2011: Video for Arizona Arsenal; Eloy, AZ.
5/22/2011 – 5/24/2011: Video for Arizona Arsenal; Eloy, AZ.
5/27/2011 – 5/30/2011: Freefly Sequentials; Eloy, AZ.
5/27/2011 – 5/31/2011: Arizona Challenge; Eloy, AZ.
5/28/2011 – 5/31/2011: Turbine Madness Boogie; Eloy, AZ.

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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