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Welcome to the May / June 2011 edition of my newsletter!

AXIS Website gets a tune up

Foundations of Flight - June

Please check out our new AXIS facebook page,
as our old group is being archived.

Visit AXIS Flight Schools's website.

Level Changes While Belly Flying

Check out
AXIS Flight School’s newest article in the series "Foundations of Flight", where Brianne Thompson expands on belly flying concepts.

Also on the Parachutist website.



Summer Hours

Skydive Arizona will be closed every Tuesday and Wednesday through the summer until October.

Great Balls of Fire!

On June 13th I took part in a production for a music video. This time however, I found myself in front of the camera. Joe Jennings and Arizona Arsenal worked on a special project for the band Kid Savant. It mainly involved “stuff jumps” that were shot in super slow motion (2000 frames a second).

My part involved lighting a parachute on fire. Unfortunately to see the final product, we will have to wait until July 11th. That is when the band is planning on debuting their video with their song “4 years”. To be one of the fist to watch it, please check out their Facebook page.

Here are some before and after pictures of the canopy :)

Special thanks to Curtis and Brandon for all their hard work in making this stunt happen! 


New XRW Video!

The video from our March training camp is now online.
Once again we would like to thank Skydive Arizona and its friendly staff for making this camp possible.

Also featured on the Skydive Arizona website, and DZ.com!

Arizona Arsenal Vertical Challenge

Here are some images I captured during the Arizona Vertical Challenge. This annual invitational event was led by VFS team AZ Arsenal and brought some of the most talented freeflyers from around the world to Skydive Arizona. Participants built large and complex formations with multiple points. 

Also featured on the PD Blog, Cypres Blog, and Skydive Arizona website!


After landing from one of the jumps, I noticed Derek Cox and friends wearing some strange outfits and just had to take a picture. To take part in Blue Skies Magazine “Caption This” contest, please click here.

Training with AZ Arsenal

Here are some more images I took during our last training camp. As you can see they are all in a vertical format. This is because I finally mounted my Really Right Stuff bracket! This special piece of equipment allows me to mount my still camera in a landscape as well as a portrait format with the switch of a lever.  

Another recent modification I added to my flat top, is mounting a Go Pro to the forehead. By drilling some holes in key places, the camera becomes completely concealed inside the helmet. This is great because it maintains a low profile, and does not affect your working space for any of the other cameras already in use.

VFS Camera Article in Parachutist

As promised, our VFS Camera article has been published in the last Parachutist.

To view the online version, please click here.


Skydive Radio

Show #149, June 15th, 2011 with Arizona Airspeed

The Journal News

Mamaroneck native sets new skydiving record
read on The Journal News

90 Percent (Italy)

WebNews Nr. 35 06/2011
Pages: 25, 26, 27
online version

90 Percent (Italy)

Nr 4 Year 7
Pages: 25
online version

Freifall Xpress (Germany)

April 2010
Pages: 3, 9
online version

Blue Skies Magazine #21

Page: 29
Web – Earthbound Misfits
online version

Para-Mag (France)

Nr. 289 / June 2011
Page: 2


June 2011, Volume 52,
Number 6, Issue 620
Pages: 8, 18, 35, 46, 47, 49, 61, and 77

Skydive the Mag (UK)

June 2011, Page: 6,
Online Version

Skydive the Mag (UK) backdates

Starter Mag 2011, Pages: 11, 27 Online Version
December 2010, Pages: 4 Online Version
August 2010, Page: 43 Online Version
June 2010, Page: 12, Online Version

Upcoming Events

6/4/2011: Advanced Canopy Course at AXIS HQ; Eloy, AZ.
6/12/2011: Canopy Fire Stunt; Eloy, AZ.
6/26/2011 – 8/10/2011: India Military; Eloy, AZ.
7/3/2011: Freefly organizing during the Patriot Boogie; Eloy, AZ.
8/15/2011 – 8/19/2011: Pinal
8/22/2011 – 8/26/2011: Pinal
9/14/2011 – 9/17/2011: Canopy Piloting Nationals; Rosharon, TX.

Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.

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