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Blog Entries for the Month of May

Picture of the Month

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05.22.2015 20:20

Behind the scenes look at the GoPro Skydiving Slip and Slide video

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05.15.2015 16:23

Arizona X-Force VFS Block Talk
12-17 Video

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05.11.2015 13:32

Arizona X-Force VFS Block Talk
6-11 Video

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05.07.2015 23:06

Arizona X-Force VFS Block Talk
1-5 Video

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05.05.2015 12:00

AXIS Foundations of Flight: Breaking off from a belly formation

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05.05.2015 19:37

Skydive Radio Photo of the Week, Show #213!

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Filming Red Bull Athlete Jeffrey Provenzano with the
RED EPIC DRAGON camera for Rockhouse Motion


This month my pictures and my work have been featured in the following publications:

Date Publisher Title / Publishing Details
      May 31st, 2015 «that Arizona X-Force has joined the VFS 4-way pursuit of 2015 spots on the USPA podium?»
        May 18th, 2015 «AXIS A Case of the Mondays»
        May 14th, 2015 «PC Line Dancing (nsfw)»
          May 7th, 2015 «Breaking Off From a Belly Formation»
        May 5th, 2015 no. 213, pg. , «Show #213, May 6th, 2015 - with Jump Pilot Panel Discussion»
        May 2015 iss. 667, pg. 18, 22, 24, 54 , «X-Force Releases Tutorials, Arizona host final valentines meet, Veteran-comedian takes to sky with AXIS, FOF breaking off from a belly formation, »
Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.
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